The Concrete Manufacturers Association (CMA) is the primary representative of the precast concrete industry.  Now in its 44th year, it initiates standards in close cooperation with StanSA and collaborates with its members in developing new products and services.

Quality Assurance

They ensures proper product use by its members. Their mark guarantees quality, and they take responsibility for any issues.

Product Certification

Members are encouraged to get product certifications or follow CMA specifications. If a problem occurs, the CMA investigates. If a product doesn’t meet standards, the member must fix it.

Sharing Knowledge

The CMA offers manuals, brochures, and videos on using precast concrete (for a small fee). They also hold refresher courses and seminars with new tech and methods, sometimes featuring international experts.

Recent Restructuring

The CMA reorganized into three divisions: Infrastructure, Building, and Quality (see visual).


The CMA has updated almost all national precast concrete standards over 15 years. Examples include revising standards for paving blocks, slabs, and curbs/channels.

Standards Development

The CMA works with groups like The South African Bureau of Standards and Agrément South Africa to create new standards and revise existing ones. They also have their own approval and accreditation systems.