Mobicast was established in 1981

About us – Mobicast was established during 1981 in GEORGE, and has ever since been the leading supplier of concrete building products in the Southern Cape. Presently we have branches in George, Groot Brak River, Mossel Bay, and Cape Town.  We do supply our clients over the entire Southern- and Western Cape, as well as the Western part of the Eastern Cape. 

What do we manufacture?

Mobicast manufactures the whole spectrum of concrete masonry and general precast concrete products, ie: paving, bricks, blocks, kerbs, slabs, retaining walls, tiles, cladding, civils, pots etc. We are also licensed manufacturers of leading brands like: SmartStone, TerraForce & Loffelstein.

We are proud to announce...

Mobicast is a producer member of the Concrete Manufacturers’ Association and our products carry the SABS mark – ensuring that we manufacture products of a consistent high quality. We have built a reputation for service and innovation, of which we are very proud of.


Mobicast is certified in terms of SANS 1058 for paving blocks and SANS 1215 for building blocks (Bricks and Blocks).

Mobicast’s manufacturing plant  in Groot Brak Rivier and Mosselbay are the only manufacturers in the Southern Cape that are certified in terms of SANS 1058 and SANS 1215. Our factories manufacture products according to the required specifications and products are batched and

SANS 1058 - 2023
SANS 1058 - Concrete Paving Blocks
SANS 1215 - 2023
SANS 1215: Concrete Masonry Units
CMA Certificate
CMA Certificate

SANS 1058  certification is applicable to paving blocks. SANS 1215 certification is applicable to masonry building products.( i.e. Bricks and blocks.)  In order for Mobicast to be certified, we have implemented the required policies, processes and manufacturing/testing procedures, as required  by the governing bodies (SABS and CMA). This includes the monitoring, control and measuring of the total manufacturing and testing process.  The required procedures are in place to record and control all processes from procuring aggregates to ultimately manufacturing and testing the final product.

SANS 1058 and 1215 requires that products comply with the required specification in terms of strength, tolerance (size) , water absorption as well as abrasion in the case of paving blocks.

Mobicast Lab Testing

Mobicast has a certified lab, in accordance the specified governing body’s requirements. The lab is periodically inspected and calibrated by independent certified bodies, to ensure the Lab comply and can perform the required tests.

Tests being performed in the Mobicast Labs are Strength, Abrasion, Tolerance (Size) and Water Absorption tests to ensure products comply with the required specifications. When purchasing Mobicast building products (bricks and blocks) and pavers, you can be assured our products comply with the required specifications and you can build/pave with peace of mind.

We at Mobicast are proud of our products and strive for excellence to ensure our clients are satisfied with world class products.

Mobicast comply with the product’s standards and specifications as required by the national governing bodies, as well as the franchise owners ie SmartStone, Terraforce and Loffelstein.

When purchasing building products, durability and longevity is important, and when buying Mobicast products you can be assured that our products are compliant and will stand the test of time.


Mossel Bay | Hartenbos:
  • Address: Hartenbos / Oudtshoorn Road R328
  • Tel:  044 695 2068 (Factory) / 044 693 0991 (Depot)
  • Fax: 044 695 1955
Mobicast Factory
  • Address: 28 Pioneer Street, Pacaltsdorp Industria, 6534
  • Tel:  044 878 0322
  • Fax: 044 878 0301
George Depot
Cape Town:
  • Address: 1 Coaton Street, Wellington
  • Tel:  086 111 2346
  • Fax: 086 296 8119
Wellington Branch
Wellington Branch
  • Address: Sorgfontein Road, Sand Hoogte, Grootbrak
  • Tel:  044 620 2433
  • Fax: 044 620 2435
Groot Brak Factory
Mossel Bay Depot:
  • Inside Builders Home –  Corner Louis Fourie and Waterkant crescent
  • Tel:  044 693 0991
  • Fax: 044 695 1955