Building blocks range are the most economical product for building walls and are often used for perimeter walls or low cost housing projects. Most popular of the blocks are the 140mm blocks for outer walls/load bearing walls and the 90mm blocks for inner dividing walls. The 190mm and 90mm blocks have the same height and length while only the width varies. The 125mm block is sufficient for external walls, but should be built between columns as they are not load bearing walls. Building blocks range

Precast cement building blocks are a popular choice in construction due to their numerous advantages. These blocks are made by pouring cement into molds, allowing them to cure and harden before being transported to construction sites.One major benefit of precast cement building blocks is their durability. Made from high-quality cement, these blocks are strong and resistant to wear and tear. They can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Another advantage is their versatility. Precast cement building blocks come in various sizes and shapes, allowing for flexibility in design and construction. They can be easily customized to meet specific project requirements, enabling architects and builders to create unique and aesthetically pleasing structures.Additionally, precast cement building blocks offer faster construction times. Since they are manufactured off-site, they can be delivered to the construction site ready for installation. This helps to reduce construction time and labor costs.Moreover, precast cement building blocks are environmentally friendly. They are made from natural materials and can be recycled or reused after demolition, reducing waste and minimizing the environmental impact.In conclusion, precast cement building blocks are a durable, versatile, and sustainable option for construction projects. Their strength, flexibility, and ease of installation make them a popular choice for builders worldwide.