Our Maxi brick is larger than a stock brick and can be used as a face brick, but it only available in a smooth texture. They are available in a variety of colours including natural, charcoal, red and yellow. This is a great brick, because you only need 34 blocks per square meter for single walls, making the Maxi a very economical and cost-effective brick. 

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Mobicast offers a heavyweight champion in the world of precast concrete: the . Manufactured for superior strength, these are ideal for projects requiring exceptional durability.

Made from precast cement, these blocks boast consistent size and shape, ensuring a smooth and efficient building process. Their larger size compared to standard bricks allows for faster construction of walls, retaining walls, and industrial structures without compromising on strength.

More than just tough, Maxi bricks come in a variety of colors, including natural, charcoal, red, and yellow. This allows you to incorporate a touch of style into your project while maintaining the structural integrity you need.

Whether you’re building a retaining wall or a robust industrial space, Mobicast Maxi bricks offer the perfect combination of strength, size, and aesthetics to get the job done quickly and effectively. With Mobicast Maxi bricks, you can build with confidence.