In order for contractors/builders to more efficiently and productively build, we have introduced corner blocks. With these blocks it is more effective to build with a reduction in cutting and breaking of blocks to fit into the walls of building projects. It also creates the benefit when building blocks are not plastered to ensure an esthetical look of the structure being built.

We also have the 140mm Corner block with a rockface texture. This block is used in conjunction with the 140mm rock face blocks and enables the contractor/builder to easily build corners with no additional cutting or breaking of blocks.

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These eliminate the time-consuming and wasteful process of cutting and breaking regular blocks to fit into corners. This translates to significant savings in labor costs and material wastage.

 These pre-fabricated blocks seamlessly integrate with standard building blocks, creating a smooth and efficient construction process. Imagine walls rising faster with less on-site manipulation, putting you ahead of schedule.

Beyond functionality, corner blocks offer a clean and aesthetically pleasing finish. Whether you choose a smooth or rockface texture, these eliminate the need for additional plastering at corners, saving further time and resources. The rockface texture, specifically, adds a natural and decorative touch to your project.

This block perfectly fits with 140mm rockface building blocks, creating seamless and visually striking corners. No more intricate cutting or breaking – simply integrate these pre-made units for a flawless finish that complements the natural aesthetic of your structure.

By incorporating precast these into your building project, you gain an edge in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetics. They streamline the construction process, reduce waste, and enhance the overall look of your project. It’s a win-win for builders and the final product.