Ontbyt Sake video of Mobicast

Get to know Mobicast  better in this Ontbyt sake video. It is with great excitement to announce that Mobicast made an appearance on KykNET and KykNET & Kie’s Ontbytsake. It was an amazing experience and we enjoyed getting these beautiful photos and videos taken. 

Mobicast is a trusted Manufacturer of High-Quality Bricks. We have a variety of bricks along with different finishes and colour options.

Mobicast was established during 1981 in GEORGE, and has ever since been the leading supplier of concrete building products in the Southern Cape. Presently we have branches in George, Groot Brak River, Mossel Bay, and Cape Town.  We do supply our clients over the entire Southern- and Western Cape, as well as the Western part of the Eastern Cape. 

Ontbyt sake video

SANS 1058  certification is applicable to paving blocks. SANS 1215 certification is applicable to masonry building products.( i.e. Bricks and blocks.)  In order for Mobicast to be certified, we have implemented the required policies, processes and manufacturing/testing procedures, as required  by the governing bodies (SABS and CMA). This includes the monitoring, control and measuring of the total manufacturing and testing process.  The required procedures are in place to record and control all processes from procuring aggregates to ultimately manufacturing and testing the final product.