KeyAspects (6)

When selecting a contractor, ask him a few questions. These questions should include:

A) Have you installed my product of choice before? You want him to nave knowledge of your product of choice to avoid unnecessary problems arising on site.

B) Are you able to supply me with a reference from a previous client? Always get a referral. A paying client is a trustworthy testimonial.

C) Please explain the installation process to me. Read through our blog articles, as well as our installation guide on our web library, and make sure you know what you expect to hear.

D) If SmartStone or Mobicast paver are your product choice, ask your contractor what causes colour patching. Ask him a couple of random questions based on information on our website – you want him to be able to answer all your questions.

E) If SmartStone is your product choice, ask your contractor how they would handle the product on site. This is important! Your product must be handled with care and not thrown around on site.

F) How often do you supervise your team on site? — You want your contractor or his foreman on site throughout the installation process

If your contractor is unable to answer these questions, he might not be the right guy for the job.

How to choose the RIGHT contractor for the job: