4x4 Multi Block

Fifteen years ago, Holger Rust, owner of Terraforce, a local and international pre-cast concrete block licensor, developed a new retaining block, the 4x4 Multi Step block, a light, dry-stack concrete unit, generally used for constructing low terrace walls, stairs and seating arrangements. Aimed at providing efficient and economical steps in conjunction with the original retaining blocks designed by him, they soon became very popular not only for stairway access but to provide comfortable, practical stairs & seating arrangements at leisure amenities & school sport facilities.



Blocks/ m² (measured vertically)


Block mass/kg


Block infill volume/ m³


Ave. constructed mass
kg per m² of wall


Block wall thickness


Rust designed the block specifically with such versatility in mind: "When used for retaining, the 4x4 Multi Step block has a unique design that allows you to simply stack up the units without mortar, and the corner interlock gently handles convex and concave curves. The wall angle can vary from vertical to shallow slopes, and steps can be created by turning the block on its side. It can also be rotated for four different elevation choices, and the design allows you to make plants part of your wall." Click here for basic installation instructions.
INCLINATION RISER (mm) TREAD (mm) SEAT (mm) 4x4MultiblockGroup
angle A B C
23° 150 350 750
31° 200 330 710
35° 200 300 650
39° 200 250 550

Depending on local conditions and finish required, it may be advantageous to grout the joints with sand/cement slurry. Consult your local dealer about colour matching, further details, design information, & quotation.

Cross section 1 Cross section 2
4x4MultiblockCrossSection1 4x4MultiblockCrossSection2