Rectangular Exposed


rectexp.jpgThis is a rectangular paver with an exposed surface. It can be used in roads, driveways and even sidewalks. The exposed nature of the paver provides a rustic look to the final paved area. These pavers can be used in conjunction with interlocking pavers and looks great as a neat border to roads done with interlock pavers.


Technical Specification

Type Rectangular Exposed  Rectangular Exposed  Rectangular Exposed Rectangular Exposed
Dimension (L x B – mm) 200 x 100  220 x 110  220 x 180  200 x 150
Thickness (mm)  75 75 75  75
Compressive Strength (Mpa)  25 25  25  25
No per stack  402  273 234  229
No of product per square meter  50  41  25 25
Available in the following colours...
01_nat.jpg 02_red.jpg 03_yel.jpg 04_cam.jpg 05_cho.jpg 06_cha.jpg 07_mul.jpg 08_spr.jpg 09_ter.jpg