Bevel Pavers

bevelpavers.jpgThese pavers are normally used for domestic driveways and sidewalks. It has a compressive strength of at least 25Mpa and is suitable for light traffic areas. Bevels comes in colors of natural, chocolate, charcoal, red, camel, yellow and multi colors (Blend of charcoal and red). Edges on the top of the pavers are slightly chamfered.
 Technical Specification
Type Bevel
Dimension (L x B – mm) 200 x 100
Thickness (mm) 50
Compressive Strength (Mpa) 25
No per stack 504 or 540
No of product per square meter 50
Available in the following colours...
01_nat.jpg 02_red.jpg 03_yel.jpg 04_cam.jpg 05_cho.jpg 06_cha.jpg 07_mul.jpg 08_spr.jpg 09_ter.jpg