Face Bricks

Face bricks comes in 3 main textures which are smooth face, exposed face and rock face. All these bricks are manufactured in natural or in our standard brick colors. Face bricks are usually used for the exterior face of the wall while the inner skin is usually stock bricks. Colors for face bricks are Natural, Chocolate, Camel, Charcoal, Red or Yellow.

 Smooth Face Brick Exposed Face Brick   Rock Face Brick
 smoothbrick.jpg  exposedbrick.jpg  rockfacebrick.jpg

Technical Specification

Type Smooth Face Exposed Face Rock Face
Dimension (L x B – mm) 220 x 100 220 x 100 220 x 100
Thickness (mm) 70 70 70
Comp. Strength (Mpa) 14 14 14
No per stack 393 393 351
No of product / sq meter 55 55 55

Available in the following colours...
01_nat.jpg 02_red.jpg 03_yel.jpg 05_cho.jpg 06_cha.jpg 07_mul.jpg 08_aut.jpg